2nd Chances Project


Aligning your business with 2nd Chances Project speaks volumes about the heart of your business. I initially created 2nd Chances Project to grow by charging clients per project and per service for designing websites, managing customer service, handling social networking while still helping to put a spotlight on mature talent. The question became how can I help more people stay afloat in less time? 

Answer: Offer all of those services and more - for free - truly free Really.  

Now, I am growing 2nd Chances Project by marketing it as an employee benefit for corporations and small businesses to offer employees aged 50+. I am able to offer all of these services for free by offering businesses the opportunity to advertise with me in this very unique market. Also, by designing, photographing and selling a growing line of distinguished original photographed art with one theme - humanity.

Look around. Everyone is searching first to see what the inside of your business looks like. Who are you affiliated with? How do you show you're not just about profit but you're much more than that? 2nd Chances Project is your uniquely branded warmhearted reflection. Words are no longer enough. Prove what your business is about by aligning yourself with 2nd Chances Project, not only because it looks good - and it does look good - but because you believe in second chances too.